Neem scientifically known as Azadirachta indica belongs to Mahogany family Meliaceae. It is also known as Nim tree and Indian Lilac. Neem is native to India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh and in the islands of southern part of Iran. It is grown in tropical and sub- tropical regions.

neem tree

neem tree

Neem varieties:

The main species of genus Azadirachta:

  • Azadirachta excelsa mainly grown in Malaysia and Philippines. It is used for making furniture and home construction.
  • Azadirachta indica known as Neem. It is an important tree and multi-functional.

Nutrients present in Neem tree:

Neem contains the main component Azadirachtin. Limonoids present in it controls pests and insects. It also contains flavonoids and bitter principles. The three other active ingredients are nimbin, nimbidin and nimbinene.

Benefits of Neem:

Neem benefits for health:

Neem tree is used in Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathic medicines. It treats many health related problems.

  • Neem is anti- inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral and anti- malarial.
  • It is anti- gingivitis and antiplaque.
  • It heals wounds due to its anti- microbial properties.
  • It treats chicken pox and small pox.
  • Neem seeds and oil is used as contraceptive.
  • Neem oil consumption cures asthma completely.
  • Neem bark extract pancake heals ulcer and Neem leaves cures both ulcer and diabetes.
  • Chewing Neem twigs helps to treat mouth and teeth problems and also provides shiny teeth.
Neem Twigs

Neem Twigs

  • Neem leaves consumption regulates hormonal level and enhances blood circulation.
  • Applying Neem oil on your nails treats all kinds of nail problems and provides healthier nails.

Skin benefits of Neem:

  • Neem paste reduces pigmentation and moisturises skin.
  • It treats skin and skin related problems.
  • Neem face pack treats acne and prevents recurrence of blackheads.
neem face pack

Neem face pack

  • Neem oil and Neem leaves are very effective in skin care.
  • It helps to maintain skin glow and skin tone.
  • Neem is an excellent face mask; it removes impurities and tightens skin pores.
  • Applying Neem powder with lemon juice and yogurt controls excess oil from skin.
  • Applying Neem oil your face reduces the effects of ageing.

Neem benefits for hairs:

  • Neem leaf is antifungal and antibacterial therefore treats dandruff effectively.
  • It provides relief from itching and dryness of the scalp.
  • Neem paste is the best conditioner for hair and scalp.
  • It promotes hair growth and makes hairs strong.

Other benefits of Neem:

  • Neem oil is also used as organic pesticides and insecticides which is hygienic.
  • Neem leaves are used for grain storage to keep away the pests.


Ways for using Neem:

Every part of Neem is useful and used in medicines. Neem leaf, twigs, its roots, seeds and Neem bark are all used in medicines. Neem oil extracted is used in various ways, like face wash, soap and shampoo. Neem leaves are used to make pancake which gives relief from heartburn, diabetes and kidney problems.



fruiting neem tree

fruiting neem tree

neem leaf

neem leaves

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Neem Juice is very beneficial for Health and Treats Skin Problems.

neem juice

Neem Juice